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Sherry Liang, Co-President
Grad Program: MD Candidate, School of Medicine, OHSU

My passion in medicine lies in primary care and helping patients who struggle to navigate through the health care system due to cultural and language barriers. I deeply resonate with the IHI Open School's mission of applying improvement science principles and advocating for a work culture of joy in health care. Outside of medicine, I’m a classical music pianist, a coffee shop explorer, and food lover!   

Tori Scholl, Co-President
Grad Program: MPA: Health Administration, PSU

My passion for list-making and organizing everything in sight ultimately launched my journey into health care administration and improvement science. When I’m not at work, in class, or keeping busy with Chapter responsibilities, I enjoy some casual indoor gardening, miscellaneous arts and crafts, and spontaneous nap sessions. 

Lance Cook, Vice President
Grad Program: BSN, School of Nursing, OHSU                    

For seven years I practiced direct patient care as a CNA, where I witnessed both positive patient experiences and adverse/sentinel events. A desire to work with other professionals to improve and reform our health care system led me to support our IHI Chapter and its vision. Some hobbies include grafting, woodworking, gaming, and tinkering with electronics. 


Jessica Currier, MPH, Secretary
Program: Health Systems & Policy PhD, PSU/OHSU
My research focuses on equity of access and utilization of health care among medically vulnerable migrant populations in Europe. I currently worked in the field of philanthropy as the Program Coordinator for the Central Oregon Regional Action Initiative.

Jeffrey Goldseth, Treasurer
Program: MPA: Health Administration, PSU

Along with classes and my IHI duties, I am a Team Lead for the Bridges Collaborative Care Clinic project and I am involved with the ACHE, HIMSS, and HFMA organizations. Outside of healthcare interests, I enjoy music, hiking, sports, and is a big-time Game of Thrones nerd. 

Kim Irish

Jennifer Teeples, Project Management Coach
Program: Healthcare MBA Candidate, PSU/OHSU

This program closely aligns to my professional goals through the study and pursuit of the Triple Aim, which is how I found the IHI.  My favorite season is Fall and I love spending quality time with my family, particularly when we are building puzzles or running around in our back yard.

Kim Irish, MS, CPHQ, Co-Learning Coordinator
Program: Health Systems & Policy PhD, PSU/OHSU

I am a Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality and the Quality Manager for Graduate Medical Education in the School of Medicine at OHSU. Outside of work and school, I am married, have two cats, love to hike, kayak, snowshoe, and cook.  

Laura Johnson, Co-Learning Coordinator
Program: MPH: Health Management and Policy Candidate, PSU

My passion for healthcare improvement intensified when I began working as a patient health navigator for a primary care clinic in Portland, OR. I love college football, I will watch the bonus features of movies more than the actual movie, and my family has a history of eating strange food combinations. One of our favorite sandwiches is strawberry jam and cheddar cheese! 


Dana Womack, Program Representative
Program: PhD Candidate, Department of Medical Informatics and Clinical Epidemiology, OHSU

I am passionate about improving patient safety and the work experience of nurses through applied informatics solutions. My inspiration stems from seeing similar challenges related to information management across a wide variety of hospitals as a traveling nurse. I live in near Banks, Oregon and my hobbies include throwing pottery on the wheel and travel.

Adam White, Program Representative
Program: BSN, School of Nursing, OHSU

I firmly believe that the health of the community, equity, and social justice are the ends to the means of nursing; I became involved in IHI to learn more about being a change agent in our field, and to work with others to identify, understand, and respond to structural problems and barriers in our health care systems. In my spare time (haha), I live for fly fishing, building campfires, adventuring with my adorable old pit bull, and pretending to be a professional chef.

Adam Hoverman, Program Representative

Program: Preventive Medicine Residency, PSU-OHSU School of Public Health    

I am a graduate of AT Still University and Family Medicine residency at the University of Minnesota. My research emphasizes global health workforce, health system strengthening, and health equity via community based participatory research and co-production of health services. I am fluent in Spanish and am an avid distance runner.

Alex Chau, Program Representative 

Program: PSU Undergraduate Studies 

My passion for medicine and healthcare has led me to IHI. I believe that healthcare should provide for the needs of the individual in a manner that is affordable and available to all. I am currently an undergraduate at Portland State University studying Biology. I plan to pursue medical school after my undergraduate. Outside of my academics and research, I enjoy volunteering, bouldering, Ultimate Frisbee, and photography.